Jah Sun is a distinguished reggae / world music artist whose message of hope has captivated audiences worldwide. Drawing inspiration from an eclectic mix of musical styles, Jah Sun aspires to awaken in his audience the desire to meet the challenges of life and to live to their ultimate potential.

Jah Sun’s upbeat and hopeful view of life first emerged during his childhood. Growing up in a bicultural family gave him a unique perspective not only on life but also on music. 

Jah Sun makes music that strikes for its uncommon consistency: inspirational lyrics, dreamy melodies, and atmospheric textures, as well as direct beats that really drive the vision forward. Throughout the years, Jah Sun has had the opportunity to travel all across the world extensively, playing his songs for people of all walks of life and meeting new cultures that eventually went on to really impact his music style.

Don’t miss his recent release, “Between The Lines”, an eclectic showcase of musical chops and lyrical abilities. Other than classic reggae overtone, the album features many world music influences, echoing the work of artists such as Manu Chao or Eugene Hutz, just to mention a few.


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Huffington Post

… What’s unique about Jah Sun’s sound is his lyrical virtuosity, along with precise arrangements and an abundance of charisma that affects his music with a palpable energy.

The lyrics of “Love Currency” are similar to John Lennon’s “Imagine,” eschewing the obsession for complication as an end in itself.



Jazz Weekly

… Jason Andrew McCommas, aka Jah Sun, mixes reggae and Southern African sounds in an infectious and agreeable mix on this collection of originals …



The Punk Archive (Track by track)

Between the Lines: The title track. Led by cello and violin and accompanied by a small choir, this song is about life. The haves and have nots, those who fall and those who climb. It’s about the duality of fear and love and finding balance.




… Musically, this jubilant gem channels Graceland–era Paul Simon and the islandy sound of Zach Deputy, an amalgam of African-style singing, country-tinged guitar, uplifting brass arrangements and sing along whoas and ohhhs.




… With his new album Between The Lines, he hits us with music that indeed does reach our souls, intriguing melodies, uplifting lyrics and outstanding musicianship included …

A mixture of instrumental elements and clever arrangements give the songs a world-music feel.



World A Reggae

… it’s a stand out Reggae album.



Top Shelf Reggae

… The creative as well as the production, of Between the Lines was a departure for Jah Sun. “In the past, I had a pre-produced composition to write to, but this time we wrote everything from scratch, using a guitar and piano.



Reggae Vibes

… Don’t know if it's the involvement of the Dubtronic Kru, with additional horns of Riccardo Gibertini (trumpet & trombone) and Marco Zaghi (saxophone), that turns "Guess Who" into one of the album's standouts, but anyway, this tune is real authentic reggae music, one that goes on repeat!



The Pier

… Needless to say, Jah Sun has surrounded himself with talented artists who have helped accent and influence his approach with this new record that will stand out from prior releases.



The Pier (interview)  



Guestlist (interview)

Like many other reggae musicians he has followed in Marley's steps to spread love and light in his music. Back with his 5th album Between the Lines, Jah Sun lets us know why this is a album like no other, and why reinforcing positivity and kindness is the true heart of reggae.



Broadway World

… Between the Lines takes listeners on a journey that starts at track 1 and ends at track 12. It is Jah Sun's most personal work to date, and one he is immensely proud of. 



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